2011 defcon19 staci

r0xy at the 2011 Defcon19.

r0xy aka stacy aka staci stack aka OMGHAX aka Oh Em Gee.

r0xy met the PLA around 2002, when PLA teamed up with to find the most amazing super hacker in the world, Curtis Lee Jones. Once disappeared, r0xy started hanging out in various PLA communities.

R0xy was a regular caller into The Phone Show, and once Cacti Radio began accepting new prank shows, R0xy started a weekly prank call show called The Fun Show. This was a live show, broadcast on Cacti Radio and then released as a podcast. Most of her shows can be found on her YouTube page.

R0xy and RBCP began doing occasional shows together after the collapse of Cacti Radio. Soon after that she disappeared from the community, but occasionally comes back to accuse RBCP of never wanting to do calls with her anymore.

Today r0xy spends her free time having babies with random guys in parks and talking about her periods to anyone who will listen.

Her voice cracks non-stop, leading to much unintentionally comedic effect, and her character is commonly portrayed as a short-tempered cynic with no fear of direct confrontation.