Classic quotes from the PLA shows that have achieved cult like status over the years.


"Listen, lady!" - DarkStranger

"Roy the retarded boy!" - Gym customer who'd had enough of Roy's shit. From "How To Lose Weight The Patterson Way".

"Hello, I am a completely different person." - Laugh Track Matt

"I'll make you think stupid."

"You think a tracer can stop me? Ahahahaha!" - From the PLA's radio mob of WBGZ in the early 2000's.

"12 o'clock in the fucking midnight!" 

"Tell those kids to shut the fuck up!" 

"I'm not smelling poop" 

"Get off the phone!"

"This cock sucker!"

"You gotta be crappin' on my balls!"

"I think this call is a hoax!"

"Quit callin' me a hobo!"

"How 'bout I come down there and punch your head off?"

"You blowin' smoke up my ass?"

"Just get off this fuckin' phone, leave me alone!" 1/26/2015- Obscene Bank Phone Caller (Listen)

"Do what now?"

"We don't have any killer robots.."



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