The 2018 Chicago meetup was thrown together hastily in a span of about two weeks, but it was the first time that many prank call hosts gathered together in the same place. Between 20 and 30 people total showed up, including Carlito, Legend, RBCP, JagTV, Dwight, Jiad, Incogneetoe, Wasted Memory, and many others. The meetup took place at the Logan Square Emporium, a bar/arcade located at 2363 N. Milwaukee Ave., on September 15th, 2018. It lasted from Noon until around 5pm.
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Originally the meetup was supposed to be a few hours visit from RBCP to Matt Hillock's house and originally it was supposed to happen in July to coincide with a trip that JagTV was taking to Chicago. JagTV still made it and got Matt all to himself. RBCP finally drove to Illinois in September and began making plans to visit Chicago. Jiad arranged to visit the same day, and then JagTV, and next thing you know nearly every PCN host is coming and it's a public meetup so that anyone who likes prank calls can show up and say hello. It was awesome.