Matt fuckin hillock

Laugh Track Matt, also known as Matt Fucking Hillock, began calling into The Phone Show in 2010 and RBCP would often keep him on the phone, saying that he provided a laugh track for the show. Once linear and Spessa disappeared from The Phone Show, Laugh Track Matt became the unofficial co-host and remained until the show ended in 2012.

In 2013, Matt and Zax began their own prank call show called Party Time. Matt's elaborate ruse, often performed on Party Time, is calling back someone after pranking them with "Hello, this is a completely different person."

Matt loves to push people's buttons with his calls. Women are often referred to as either sweethearts or broads. He loves to ask somebody if they want to join a makeout party.

Matt attended the PLA EuroCon in Amsterdam, as well as DefCon 19 in las vegas.

Calls by matt have been recorded for calls of mass confusion but they have not been released yet.


  • Matt seems to have an exhaustive knowledge of horror movies. One of his favorite films is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He loves to tell a story about meeting one of the actors to portray Leatherface.
  • Matt once worked at a gum factory.
  • Matt is a fan of the Cisco hold music.
  • His favorite dark quote is "jk, it's a stillborn!" but perhaps his most repeated line is "Work is for suckers."


  • Matt likes to go to the reefer store
  • Matt thinks you're a good egg.
  • Matt likes the cut of your jib.
  • Matt refers to women as sweethearts and broads.


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